MSL in Helsingborg
To the South of Helsingborg in southern Sweden, namely Frejagatan, MSL recently delivered environmental columns in composite material with interior lighting and with an unique pattern designed by the Helsingborg munizipality. A design with a perfect colour match to the whole of the new playground which gives a really cool and stand-out expression. With the bright yellow top fittings of the luminaires is the effect the brilliant, well worth a visit!  The columns have a light point height of 5 metres and are ideal at playgrounds because they cannot be energized and thus cause accidents.

MSL in Växjö

The MSL has recently delivered a concept comprising some 40 cylindrical composite columns in birch pattern with interior lighting for wall mounting to a project in Växjö, Sweden. The municipality requested a solution to do a flyover/tunnel more attractive and less intimidating for pedestrian and bicycle users. Just viaducts is a common hangout and therefore creates some concern when darkness falls.

Sweco designed and NCC installed, with great success, a birch wall on one side of the tunnel and an artificial turf wall on the second to give a light pattern for increased security and an atmosphere that is linked with the surrounding vegetation. The result was above expectations where the horizontal light from pillars helps create eye contact with oncoming which, in combination with a funky design, resulted in a more accessible and attractive flyover. A modern design solution for security and transparency!

Birch poles with internal light are well suited for jogging trails. Birch poles with internal light are well suited for jogging trails.

February 2017
MSL in Borås, near Gothenburg!

Along a jogging trail in Borås you can now find MSL Design poles in terms of 6 meters Birch poles with interior lighting and luminaire. In addition to the Birch poles contribution to a fine natural impression in the forest environment, are also other composite properties such as corrosion free and easy to handle, benefits well suited for parks and jogging paths. The interior lighting also contribute to increased perception of security due to horizontal light.

Birch poles in Kristianstad, south of Sweden Birch poles in Kristianstad, south of Sweden

February 2017
MSL in Kristianstad!

Kristianstad municipality recently installed MSL design poles with Birch pattern on the Channel Island in the Centre of the city. The posts which are 6 meters has been equipped with internal light and fits perfectly into the wild parkland on the island. In addition to standard patterns, such as Birch, we also offer the opportunity to design your own pattern if you want to create something completely unique. Composite material properties like corrosion free and no lead of electricity are, of course, not affected by the patterns.

Selected colour in harmoni with luminaire and other columns Selected colour in harmoni with luminaire and other columns

February 2017
MSL in Veberod!

Streetlight columns with low environmental impact! 

Annelund is a new residential area for villas and townhouses in Veberod and is currently being completed by Lund municipality. The columns are installed at a pedestrian and bike path which run through the area and these posts are not traditional galvanized steel poles, they are made of composite material (glass-fibre reinforced polyester with a hard surface of gelcoat). The municipality has chosen a material with a significantly lower environmental impact in relation to other materials, a material which does not rust and cannot be energized. In addition, they weigh half compared with steel which provides ergonomic and economic benefits during installation. The posts in Annelund are 4 meters and we have chosen a light grey colour to harmonize with other colours in the area.

Happy winners: Stefan Petersson and Tomas Wernant Happy winners: Stefan Petersson and Tomas Wernant

November 2016

MSL winner of Plastovationer innovation Awards 2016!

Companies and university students with their innovations and degree projects demonstrated how polymer materials can be used at its best, were given their awards during the festive event on November 9 at the Subcontractor Fair/Exhibition Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden.

The jury´s motivation:
“A product that is for all of us. The design makes the product attractive and exciting not least because its contents can be made flexible, depending on the application and environment. The solution contributes to an increased lifetime compared to other concepts in the market.
A lighting pole in composite materials, is a winning concept that is just right in time seen from both a sustainability, safety as an ergonomic perspective. 
That the poles can be designed with different patterns gives harmony to its surroundings. Interior LED lighting adds a functional and exciting light impression that amplifies the beam in the environment it is in

The price goes to MSL International AB.”

MAY 2016: For the first time in Sweden, designpoles with luminaire inside the pole!
MSL presented three main arguments for composite columns in railway areas MSL presented three main arguments for composite columns in railway areas

April 2016

MSL in Moscow

Last week MSL International participated at the "Arctic Transport and Logistics International Forum" in Moscow and made a presentation about the advantages of using composite columns for railway areas, stations and platforms. Composite columns contribute to an increased safety to travellers and staff as they do not lead electricity and do not rust. In addition, the low weight was appreciated by the participants as the transport distances are huge in Russia.

The first columns in Russia. The first columns in Russia.

April 2016

MSL In Russia
First installation!
The first composite lighting columns, delivered by MSL International AB, were recently installed in Russia. The installation was made in the Chagino village in Tver Oblast, 150km northwest of Moscow. It is the first phase of a major development project for residential living,  apartments and bungalows, in an area with focus of nature and quality. Two factors which are also strong advantages of our composite columns: environmental friendly and made with rigorous quality and quality control. They are made to last.

Birch columns in Löddeköpinge Birch columns in Löddeköpinge

February 2016

MSL in Loddekopinge
Sweden premiere!
MSL recently delivered, for the very first time in Sweden, composite columns with a designed pattern. Kavlinge municipality ordered columns with a birch pattern for a dogs playground wich is an excellent choice as our columns do not rust. Designed columns also offer the opportunity to install an additional light source inside wich deliver an exciting light experience and an improved illuminated area.

One engineer can easily install the column of 11 kg One engineer can easily install the column of 11 kg

September 2015
MSL in Svedala

Svedala municipality recently launched a major face-lift of the city center and new street light is a vital part of it. The light will be brighter which reflects the actual colours better and Svedala decided aalso to use envirnmental friendly, non-corrosive composite columns from MSL in matching colours to the lamp. All along the main street and square are 4 meter colums installed and the fact that the weight is only 11 kg is highly appreciated by the service engineers!

Stationsparken in Halmstad Stationsparken in Halmstad

September 2015
MSL at Stationsparken in Halmstad

MSL International recently delivered 4 meter composite columns in antracite grey colour to Halmstad city and they are now installed in the park close to the central station. The Street and Park administration have mounted various designs of lamps for testing on the columns which makes it  really interesting to visit the park.

Laholm GK decided to have black columns in composite Laholm GK decided to have black columns in composite

August 2015
MSL at the golfclub

As part of improvement work of the outside areas at the Laholm Golfclub in Sweden, the board decided to invest in new lights and columns at the parkinglots for cars, caravans and mobilehomes as well as at the walking paths and entrance to the clubhouse. MSL delivered black, environmental friendly columns made of composit which stands very well in contrast to the green.

MSL present the features and environmental benefits of composite lighting columns MSL present the features and environmental benefits of composite lighting columns

May 2015
MSL in Belarus

On kind invitation by the Swedish Embassy in Minsk, MSL participated in a semiar about Swedish greentech products and solutions, including presentations by some of the invited companies. The purpose of the event was to connect Swedish companies with potential partners on the Belarussian market.  The seminar was a part of the Greenhouse Fair, a major exhibition on environmental solutions which was officially opened by the Vice Prime Minister of Belarus.

MSL columns in Mickedala MSL columns in Mickedala

April 2015
MSL in Halmstad, Sweden

MSL has delivered the first lighting columns of composite to Halmstad Municipality, more specifically to the park in Mickedala. A very good initiative particularly since there are plenty of dog owners in the area and, as we all know, there is no risk of injuries caused by electrified or corroded columns as composite neither conducts electricity nor rust. Dogs in Mickedala are fortunate.

MSL in front of EAC's head office in Nicosia MSL in front of EAC's head office in Nicosia

February 2015
MSL on Cyprus

On kind invitation by the EAC, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, presented MSL the technical features and benefits of composite lighting columns in an environment which is both warm and with high UV- radiation. We met with the team of electrical engineers from the business unit Networks at the headoffice in Nicosia and besides the technical presentation, we also discussed the requirements for a test installation which we hope can be confirmed within short.

Lighting column in composite with LED lamp Lighting column in composite with LED lamp

January 2015
MSL composite column for the houseowner

A lighting column in composite material is a very good alternative for the private house owner as it is extremely easy to handle due to low weight. In combination with a LED lamp it gives the garden, the driveway to garage and the summerhouse a new and fresh look. In addition, the dog of the house can use it as many times as he wants as composite never rust. This MSL column was recently installed in Halmstad, Sweden.

MSL with the Chairmen for Industry & Technical Issues and R&D MSL with the Chairmen for Industry & Technical Issues and R&D

December 3, 2014
MSL at AVTODOR in Moscow

AVTODOR, The State Company Russian Highways, has the mission to form and develop Russia’s national high speed highway network, rebuild existing roads and develop highway infrastructure and highway service. At a recent conference on December 3 held in Moscow, Avtodor invited suppliers to present their latest developments and innovations for improved safety and efficiency of the Russian highway network. MSL was one of three invited foreign companies and with the support of Business Sweden Moscow, we introduced our business model and solutions for efficient lighting systems with composite columns. In the evaluation of the supplier’s performance, Avtodor was very pleased with our presentation and they expressed their wishes to discuss possibilities for a test installation.

MSL, with support from Business Sweden, met the Russian Regions in Moscow MSL, with support from Business Sweden, met the Russian Regions in Moscow

December 3, 2014
MSL at RADOR in Moscow

RADOR, Russian Association of Regional Road Administration, held on December 3 in Moscow their annual meeting for members. The members are mainly the Russian Regions (States) but there are also some suppliers to the road building and maintenance industry. MSL was kindly invited to participate and it was with great honour we also were part of the agenda as the only private company. We were asked to present our business model and what we offer. Our message, which is built on sustainable solutions with long term financial benefits, has quality and quality control as the main factor for differentiation and it was well received by the audience. We hope that Swedish quality standards and Russian determination will be a successful combination.

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We develop, promote, sell and distribute street light columns made of composite material.

The columns are made of GRP, Glasfibre Reinforced Polyester, covered with a gelcoat for a sustainable surface. The featues and benefits are summarized in four main categories:
  1. Economy - A very strong cost efficient alternative
  2. Esthetics - Contribute to a modern and beautiful street and city look
  3. Environment - Will never corrode and have almost zero negative impact to the environment
  4. Safety - Do not lead electricity and can never cause any serious injuries related to electricity

For us the main features, economy and environment, are valid for long term thinking and investments with savings both in money and reduced environmental impact. Our committment is extremely strong to introduce columns in composite and, in addition, give guidelines to luminiaires and intelligent controls. Through cooperation with leading specialists in each field, we can offer the best solutions available on the market today and develop to bridge any gaps.
Our experiences secure a solid competence to drive international projects.
We are committed to work proactively with a management philosophy with its origin in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Call us:
Stefan Petersson, +46709 487080
Tomas Wernant, +46733 360124